Boosted E-Liquid 60ML

Boosted E-Liquid 60ML

$ 19.99

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Boosted Flavor: This delectable Strawberries and Cream combo will tickle the palette with a sweet and juicy inhale that will leave you dazed, but certainly not confused; this flavor is a must have.

Anti-Lag: Like a fruit salad covered in whipped cream, Anti-lag combines a blend of watermelon, blueberries, and strawberries with a dollop of sweet, creamy goodness for your vaping pleasure.

BOV: This expertly balances a medley of 9 tropical fruits including peach, citrus, and coconut, with a myriad of other secret ingredients to create an e-liquid experience that’s akin to a rainbow melting in your mouth. New notes will peak out with every puff, and you’ll discover unique nuances on both the inhale and exhale.

Intercooler: Intercooler is as refreshing to your palate as an air-to-liquid cooler is to your forced induction engine. This blend of crisp, clean cranberry with juicy, ripe apples, plus just a touch of sweet cream to take the edge off, results in a smooth, refreshing vape that'll have you burning out monster clouds of deliciousness.

Rear-Diff: Creamy pumpkin pie and a dash of pumpkin spice that will see you well through your pumpkin cravings.

Wastegate: Your turbocharger needs a Wastegate to perform properly, and so does your atomizer. The newest flavor from Boosted, Wastegate blends creamy cheesecake with fresh raspberries, drizzled in raspberry puree, and tops it off with a scoop of sweet vanilla ice cream.

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