Pop Clouds 60ML

Pop Clouds 60ML

$ 19.99

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Pop Clouds E-Liquid 60mL

Blue Razz – A blue raspberry flavored hard candy e liquid with perfect balance of sweet & sour.
Bubblegum Candy – Your favorite candy e liquid with a twist of delicious bubble gum fizz.
Butterscotch Candy – Your favorite candy blended with that silky smooth butterscotch confection.
Cherry Candy – A sweet hard cherry candy with the well-known signature delicious candy fizz twist!
Cotton Candy – A delicious cotton candy floating flavor with a slight hint of fizz that will remind you of your favorite candy.
Crush Candy – A delicious orange flavored sweet candy with the perfect amount of tangy deliciousness!
Grape Candy – A sweet grape hard candy infused with the famous candy fizzing deliciousness!
Green Apple Candy -A sweet, succulent green apple candy taste with the signature unique candy fizz.
Strawberry Candy – Your favorite mouth watering, sweet strawberry candy with a delicious candy fizz!
Tropical Punch Candy – A fruity tropical mix that consists of the signature fizz that will remind you of your favorite candy.
Watermelon Candy – A sweet, mouth-watering watermelon candy with a fizz that will remind you of your favorite sweets!
Limited Edition First Flight - A unique mixture of delicious pomegranate and peach with a hint of tangy citrus.

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